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Bundle – Save 14%
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Good for your brain, good for the planet

Sustainability underpins everything we do. So you can feel good about feeling better.

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Leading by example

We’re a certified B corporation. That’s a mark of trust that can take over a year to receive—an independently verified, legally enforceable commitment to sustainability and governance, aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals. 

And as a B Corp, sustainability is at the core of every decision we make, from 100% recycled packaging to where we get the ingredients that make Vitals⁺ so special.

Omega EPA - Seaweed

We are what we eat

Vitals⁺ had to be sustainable. That was non-negotiable. And it starts with what’s inside. Every ingredient is responsibly-sourced and plant-based. 

So instead of extracting vitamin D from sheep’s wool, we get it from environmentally friendly lichen. Instead of harvesting omega 3 from fish livers, we use vegan-certified microalgae.


Our principles

“‘Better for your brain, better for the planet’ is a foundational principle for Heights. We take an evidence-based approach to reducing our carbon footprint and improving our packaging to minimise our impact on the environment.”

Joel Freeman, Heights' Co-founder

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We go to great lengths to ensure the quality and sustainability of Vitals⁺. From recyclable packaging, to plant-based ingredients, to local manufacturing facilities, it’s designed to have the biggest impact on you, and the smallest impact on the planet.
Sharper focus
Deeper sleep
Balanced mood
Full-body wellbeing
More energy

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