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Bundle – Save 14%
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Glamour logoTried and tested. Best probiotics for women overall.
Sunday Times LogoI was less inclined to doomscroll and felt more productive.
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Evening Standard Delivers on that healthy body feeling.

What the experts say

"Having worked in research, Heights' approach to supplements is the only one that can ever make sense—building on a body of evidence is the only acceptable approach, diametrically opposed to an otherwise rather unregulated market."
Dr Stephanie Potreck, MD, DD, RNutr (Sports)
"I'm a health-conscious, busy nurse who appreciates science backed medicine and supplements, so this was a no brainer after doing my research. I've noticed better sleep, clearer mind and I'm able to switch off after a long day."
Amun Abdullahi, Nurse
"My sleep has improved ten fold. I'm asleep by 9.30pm and awake at 5am, fresh. I'm back training 5 times a week and my energy levels are the best they've been since my early 20s. I recommend this to all of my clients experiencing similar symptoms."
Joe Sharp, Physiotherapist
"I couldn't be happier with Heights' supplements. They've exceeded my expectations, making a significant difference and becoming my top choice for recommending a comprehensive supplement to support a balanced diet."
Reshma Patel, Consultant Dietitian & Nutritionist
"As a doctor I was sceptical, but after three months I can definitely feel the benefit. Better nights sleep and improved mood for sure. Keep taking the tablets!"
Dr Paul Wilson, MD

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I hope I'm smart enough to know that excessive claims are silly, but I can certainly say with all truth that taking Heights has coincided with me feeling uncommonly fresh, perky, and lively in the mind. I'm a huge fan of it!

Stephen Fry
Actor, Comedian, Author
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I've taken probiotics in the past and I recently learned most undergo no testing. This has and it actually works, all the good stuff goes straight to your gut.

Vogue Williams
Podcaster, Media Personality, Investor
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By taking 2 every morning, you get all of the essential nutrients you need without having to deal with drinking sludge.

Dr. Ali Abdaal
Doctor, YouTuber, Podcaster